Behavior Modification Pediatric Therapy

At OM Therapy our focus is on OT, However, while referring out for Behavior therapy who are truly in need of separate Behavior Modification Therapy, It is important understanding the core concepts and having the ability to utilize behavior modification techniques in any therapy session for that matter is an absolute must and surely a plus for the student, the therapist, and ultimately, the child’s growth and development.

The reality is that temper tantrums are “part of the course” when working with children on or off the spectrum.  Hence, our therapist ensures the use of positive, not negative techniques of reinforcement and rewards.   There is no true “time out” in the individual or group therapy sessions, but rather, we employ techniques that manage and prevent out of control behaviors.  Some of the methods our staff is reminded to use, especially when there has been an emotional “day,” include, in part:

Model Good Behavior: Adults and/or peers demonstrate appropriate behavior, providing others with a tangible model of what is expected.

Ignore the Bad Behavior and reward good behavior!

Play therapy: For a group of 3-5 children we offer Interactive playgroups at your home and/or your requested place. These playgroups assist children to improve their social experience and/or communicative skills. These playgroups function as the bridge between parallel play and interactive socialization. The purpose of playgroups is to provide closely monitored social experiences that develop communication skills, as well as enhance sensory-motor performance. Purposeful, motor-building, social activities are presented within the playgroup. Activities are adapted to meet each child’s independent needs. During our playgroups, we include various types of activities such as imaginative play, arts and crafts, singing, music, board games, and interactive physical play in our gym. Obstacles courses, ball play, and dance are a few of our favorite activities. Throughout the playgroup, the therapist incorporates social communication as well as sensory and motor performance tasks.

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